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  • Mood: Worried
Its like a  bad dream, really. I've been homeless twice before... once when I was really young, and the other was right before I moved to MI. Neither time I was as sick as I am now... 

Trying to make a living while disabled is tough. Paying the bills when you aren't given the hours you were promised, is also tough. But having roommates who are emotionally abusive and are bullies.... *sigh*

Our roommates are looking to kick me and my boyfriend out. They aren't going to work with us. They aren't going to take payments. And if we can't make rent, for any reason, we have to leave.

The problem is... we don't have anywhere to go, at the moment. So... we will pack up what we can fit in his car (which won't be much, since I need a wheelchair to get around.. and it takes up a lot of space)... and we are going to head down to San Diego, CA (we actually live in Ventura, CA, so its only a 4 hour treck). I have a cat, also. She's my emotional support animal. the idea of leaving her behind (or even rehoming her) makes me sick to my stomach and triggers nightmares... 

So we need a place to stay.

The boyfriend was going to apply to an electricians apprenticeship, but he needs to change his license and his plate to CA ones (he's from out of state)... and in order to get a CA plate, he has to have his car emissions tested, as well as get car insurance. We don't have the money for any of it. His grandparents stopped paying his car insurance. So he has none. Rent is too high and we can't pay for it. His job isn't giving him the hours he was promised so we are barely making rent. We will be very lucky if we can pay rent for September.

I've been doing what I can. Making yarn things. Making a donation post on tumblr. Nothing is really working. I feel like even the Spoonie community has turned its back on me, because they aren't helping either.... Post after post of folks saying that they are close to their goal, etc etc... and we aren't even a quarter of the way there... steadily we need to make $200-$300 more a month in order to pay rent and have a little to live on. 

My etsy store is open for business. I am steadily adding to it, bit by bit... but no one is buying. I've started making soaps, but I've been too sick to make more currently... because believe it or not, its quite labor intensive. 

I have a lot of chronic pain issues... I have Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.... as well as PCOS and severe anemia... I have scoliosis and back damage from a botched lumbar puncture.... so I'm in bad shape... 

if I weren't so sick, being homeless for a few weeks, while we used what money we do have to get all the car stuff take care of so he could apply for the apprenticeship... it wouldn't be that big a deal. But I need to be near a bathroom almost constantly, because of my bleeding issue (I developed a bleeding disorder, because of the PCOS, which causes the severe anemia)... So homelessness is going to be very hard and very scary for me. The boyfriend is able bodied. He can handle it. But we are both worried about my well being, if this happens....

So if you see this, and want to help.... I have a paypal for donations, and I have an amazon wishlist of things we will need if we become homeless... both things are super important. If you can help. Please help. I make things. Knitting and Crocheting. So if you want to buy something from me, that is also an option. We have until the middle of July... and its already the 5th, so things are becoming urgent.
I sell soaps now! Officially! Listings on Etsy! ^_^
This Little Piggie... by Ryuus-Wardrobe
This Little Piggie...
got squeaky clean!

Emote piggies!

Each one is 2oz, which is half the size of the average bar of soap but still large enough to wash hands several times!

Contains the following:

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Goat’s Milk, Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Oat Protein (conditioner) , Titanium Dioxide (mineral whitener used in opaque Soaps)

As well as fragrance oil. These particular ones are scented with "Island Escape". Island Escape is a unique blend of Tamarind enhanced by notes of Mandarin, Red Currant, Dates & sweet Coconut Milk.

I call these guys "Vacation Pigs". :) 

I also have smaller soaps that are .35oz each and sell those in 3, 5, and 9 amounts. 

I will be listing my soaps on Etsy VERY VERY soon! :)
"Ryuu's Wardobe & Apothecary"! 

I make soaps now!
And I will be adding bath bombs and massage bars soon.
As well as lotions and shampoo bars and conditioners... all in time...

Right now, I am selling cute piggy shaped soaps that will help us raise money to pay for legal fees.

We are suing the county of Ventura for their illegal actions against our household, and our pigs, who are registered Emotional Support Animals. They are trying to make us get rid of all of them but one. Even AFTER ruling that we could keep 4. (We have 5 total... all rescues... with no plans to get any more...)

And while that may sound like a lot... We have vet letters testifying that the land space we have for them IS large enough. Letters from doctors saying it would effect mental health to lose even just one... and the NEIGHBORHOOD LOVES them... and thinks of them as "their" pigs.... They aren't a burden or anything like that...

And they did all sorts of things... like Steph asked for a mental health advocate to be present during their meetings and they told her "well we don't do that"... and the final ruling they did, they didn't even contact us to inform us that they were even having the meeting... which isn't legal either.

We are a disabled much of what they are doing isn't legal. We have been fighting them... it will be a year this june/july... So we are fling a suit against them... we've talked to several lawyers and they tell us we have a case. Its just a matter of finding someone to talk the case. :)

So that's where my making and selling soaps come in. So I'm hoping to sell a lot of them. I take custom orders and DO offer vegan options!


Will be posting pictures to dA very soon!


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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is AJ, and I'm a just-starting-out Etsy store owner. I've had my store for many years, tried a few things and it didn't pan out. Being a newcomer is hard, because no one knows if they can trust you.

Well, over the course of those years, I've learned some new things. I first learned to crochet. After my wrist got broken and crocheting seems to make it ache, I took up knitting. Now I do both (I'm a sucker for craft related pain, I guess).

Originally I wanted to be that cool store that made the cool gothic clothing, that all my friends would shop at. However, I realized that my knowledge and my skills were not in sync with each other. I have the know-how, I just lack skill. SO knitting and crocheting take center stage, because I am WAY better at that, than I am at sewing.

:spotlight-left: PAYMENT AND SHIPPING COSTS :spotlight-right:

:bulletred: If your item is not ready made and is a custom order, I start working on your item the moment I receive your full payment.

:bulletred: I accept PayPal, mailed MONEY ORDER via certified mail, and dA :points: (when specified on an item). If you feel more comfortable with me listing an custom item for you on Esty, I can do that also. Cost of listing the item will be tacked on to total cost for you.

:bulletred: The exchange rate for points is: $1= 80 points. (that's the actual exchage rate on the dA site. this isn't an exchange rate I made up myself)

:bulletred: If you pay in points (when its accepted), I will ship your item with the cash on demand type thing. Meaning you pay for shipping when the item arrives to you. I will require a signature, and will be tracking the item as it gets to you, to insure it has arrived. Since I won't be getting any cash for this, I can't cover shipping costs. I always try to ship items as cheaply and as safely as possible!

:bulletred: I DO NOT accept checks. If you send me a check, I will send it back to you, and you will not receive your item until payment is received via my other accepted forms of payment.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:If you cancel a payment, or try and dispute a payment, via PayPal, to scam me out of money, after you have received your item, legal action will be taken against you. I document EVERYTHING. I hate to be so harsh but I have to protect myself. People do this sort of thing all the time. I am disabled. This is my only source of income. This is all I have. I cannot afford to be scammed out of items as well as money. If enough scams are ran on my paypal account, they can suspend my use of it and I won't be able to use it to recieve payments! The horror stories are really upsetting and tragic :( :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

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