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My Location: Swartz Creek, MI.
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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Andrea, and I'm a just-starting-out Etsy store owner. I've had my store for many years, tried a few things and it didn't pan out. Being a newcomer is hard, because no one knows if they can trust you.

Well, over the course of those years, I've learned some new things. I first learned to crochet. After my wrist got broken and crocheting seems to make it ache, I took up knitting. Now I do both (I'm a sucker for craft related pain, I guess).

Originally I wanted to be that cool store that made the cool gothic clothing, that all my friends would shop at. However, I realized that my knowledge and my skills were not in sync with each other. I have the know-how, I just lack skill. SO knitting and crocheting take center stage, because I am WAY better at that, than I am at sewing.

What I offer:

I offer knitted and crocheted baby items, winter wear, pet sweaters, and I do sew draw strings bags. I call them Alter bags because I primarily make them for the Wicca and Pagan community, for holding their Alter gear. Alter items change with the seasons, and its good to have a great storage system for such things. I do, and will, sell them to anyone that wants them, so don't be shy!

ANY knitted or crocheted item can be made into colors INSPIRED BY the house colors of a certain witchcraft and wizardry school.

I am also looking into creating items INSPIRED BY certain popular 8-bit video games.
I am especially interested in creating things INSPIRED BY a certain TV show that has a Doctor and a Police Box.

I have to say this for legal reasons, but I can only make items INSPIRED BY these universes. I DO NOT claim to be part of their corporations, nor do I claim any rights to any of the designs that they have created.

:spotlight-left:PAYMENT AND SHIPPING COSTS:spotlight-right:

:bulletred:If your item isnt ready made and is a custom order, I start working on your item the moment I receive your full payment (this includes shipping charges).

:bulletred:I accept PayPal, mailed MONEY ORDER, and dA :points:, unless otherwise specified.

:bulletred:The exchange rate for points is: $1= 80 points.

:bulletred:If you pay in points (:points:), $X will be subtracted from the price of the item, to cover the cost of shipping (that number varies by item or items ordered). You HAVE to pay shipping cost with either PayPal or mailed MONEY ORDER.

:bulletred:I DO NOT accept checks. If you send me a check, I will send it back to you, and you will not receive your item until payment is received via my other accepted forms of payment.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:If you cancel a payment, or try and dispute a payment, via PayPal, to scam me out of money, after you have received your item, legal action will be taken against you. I document EVERYTHING.:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
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(This is copied from my other deviantART, so you are seeing this same post, from user GothicRavenGoddes, fear not. That is one of my other accounts. Still me, I promise.)

The first time I held him, when I got him home, I knew he and I were meant to be. I knew we were to live out our days together.

He was so beautiful and perfect.

He was the love of my life. The love affair started with one picture, and as time went on, I fell deeper and deeper in love. And he fell in love with me. And we spent 5 years of happiness together.

But August 10, 2013, all of that changed. He had been sick for several days leading up to this. And I was in the hospital, and I'd be in there for another few days (so they told me anyways). He finally got diagnosed, but it was fatal. A fatal disease with no cure, but one that could have been prevented. So while I'm hooked up to IVs full of fluids and scary antibiotics, my roommate snuck him into my room so I could say my last goodbyes to the one being in my life who made it brighter. Who changed my life for the better. Who was the love of my life. Who had gotten me through so much. Because he had suffered enough and it was time for him to go home. It was time for him to cross the bridge that would take him to the other side.

I was released on the 11th, instead of two days later, so I was able to hold him as they put him to sleep. The last thing I told him was that he was the best thing that ever happened to me. And that I loved him and that I was sorry. And as the pushed the plunger of poison into his veins, I felt a major part of me die with him.

Ryuu was more than just a cat. He was more than just a Familiar. He was my son. Because I can't have children, and so my child's soul had to find me another way. Only for me to fail him and have to send him back home. Because my only job was to protect him and I failed. The vet made him sleep, but FIV took his life. We were under the impression that he had be vaccinated for this horrible disease. And learned the hard way that he hadn't been. But because he was a rescue and not bought, there isn't anything we can do in retaliation.

My heart breaks a little more, every single day he is gone. I cry every single day. I mourn him. I apologize to him. Because he should be here and he isn't. He should have died an old man. Barely able to walk. Eyes full of life, body full of gray hair. But instead, he died in the prime of his life, with a skinny body, and half-dead eyes, 19 days shy of his 6th birthday.

So please. Please let this be a lesson to you. Vaccinate your pets. FIV CANNOT BE PREVENTED OR CURED WITH DIET AND PROBIOTICS. YOU HAVE TO VACCINATE THEM FOR THIS OR THEY WILL DIE! Life can be prolonged if you catch in time. But like Ryuu, it often isn't caught until its too late to do anything about. FIV is deadly, but preventable. It is the cat form of AIDS. Think about that. It is a disease that eats away at their defenses and they get sick constantly. End stage is very ugly and progresses very fast. Ryuu was fighting for two weeks. And then he was gone. And there was nothing I could do but hold him and comfort him while he took his last breath.

He was everything to me. I will never forget him.

I wear his collar around my wrist, next to Bones's memorial bracelet. I miss my boys so much. I know they are together now. Not just around my wrist, but on the other side. It breaks my heart that they are gone, but I'm glad they are together again. I look forward to the day when I can hold my sons again.


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